Want to do something dramatic with that big, blank wall in your home? Adding a custom wall mural is easier than you might think. At Joplin Decorating Center, we can help you create wall murals through the use of wallpaper from Brewster Wall Coverings. In addition to adding new interest to a previously uninviting, or blank space, wall murals are suprisingly cost effective. 

See more reasons to add a wall mural to your home or office space below!

Adding Life To a Previously Boring Space

Worried about a wall mural looking reminiscent of the cringe-worthy wallpaper found in our childhood homes? Fear not! These have come a long way since then. Today’s wall murals are fresh, vibrant and effortlessly stylish. Wall murals come in all different styles, patterns, and colors. From florals and nature scenes to black and white, abstract, or industrial-looking backdrops.

They’re Easy To Do

If you’re fed up with decorating, then the wall mural is about to become your best friend. Find one you like and BAM! Now you’re the proud creator of a fashionable accent wall. Another way this is one of the easiest decorating options is that the majority of wall murals are removable. Put it up, take it down, replace it, whatever you want to do. Maybe you want to update the nursery from florals to a mountain vista, no problem. The beauty of the mural is the moment you don’t like it you can change it.

If you’re considering adding a wall mural, or looking to do any other sort of interior decorating for your home or office in Joplin MO, contact our interior decorators today at Joplin Decorating Center!