When decorating your home, the options (and the terms) are endless. When given
the option between blinds, shades, and shutters, many clients come up confused and

Choosing between blinds, shades, and shutter is often a matter of taste for
homeowners; however, there are a few functional differences that could affect your
choice as a buyer. Whether you are looking to add window treatments for one room
or even many rooms, we have made you a guide to help you examine all the nuances
of these window coverings.

Blinds come in many different sizes and styles, with their unique feature being that a
blind is a “hard” window treatment. This means that blinds are made of a material
that is stiff and mostly composed of slats that tumble downward as you lower it.

There is a wide variety of materials that blinds come in: from aluminum and vinyl
blinds, to real-wood blinds, like bamboo. Since there are so many different materials
that blinds can come in, the prices vary widely.

Where blinds are a “hard” window treatment, shades are “soft”—meaning, they are
made of a soft, lighter material that moves up and down on a continuous roll to
cover a window. Shades are “drawn” using a spring device.

With no slats, shades are preferred for insulating a home, and are often regarded as
a highly affordable, stylish, and functional option for your home.

There are also higher-end shades that come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, and
textures that are a wonderful visual addition to any room. Customers can now
purchase solar shades that block the sun without entirely blocking the view of the

While many of us are familiar with shutters outside the home, there is such a thing
as indoor shutters. These shutters are a set of stationary blinds with a rod attached
to the slats for rotation, and a locking mechanism to keep them shut.

While shutters are often the most expensive option of these listed, their custom
design can actually add value to your home. In addition to their durability and
privacy, shutters come in many styles.

At Joplin Decorating Center, we are no strangers to the difficult choices that arise
when decorating your beloved home. Lucky for you, when it comes to window
treatments, there is no wrong choice. Each of these window treatments work
well—what matters is that the homeowner’s taste and style is matched with their

If you still aren’t sure which style you like best, visit us at Joplin Decorating Center
in Joplin, MO, and let our skilled interior designers show you the different styles of
window treatments available.

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