Buying an area rug can add a lot to the look and feel of a room, but if you’ve never purchased one before, it can be difficult to know what factors you need to keep in mind. Here are some guidelines to follow to make your floor coverings purchase a great one.


Buy a rug that fits within your budget even if it means saving up for a few more weeks as you walk across your bare floor. Quality materials are important and wool and silk are great options. Wool will stand up to wear well and will age gracefully as it’s exposed to light and is walked on.

A general guideline is to use the cost of the other furniture in the room as benchmark for how much to spend. Set your price limit before you begin shopping, but give yourself some wiggle room of around 5-10%.


Generally rugs should be two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room. If a room is exceptionally large, it is better to have two separate rugs for floor coverings so long as they are matched by color or material. Hall rugs should between 5-6 inches of floor showing on each side if possible. Dining room rugs should be given thought so that they extend around 18 inches past the edge of the table so that the chairs can be accommodated.

Where to Purchase

You know what you want or at least have an idea of what feel you’re going for, so first look for the right rug and then look at its price. Look for quality brand names as this is an investment into your home. Ask your local decorating center for ideas and options.

Bottom Line

Pick what you love. It has to please you more than anyone else as you’re the one who will be living with it.

If you’re looking for floor coverings or area rugs in Joplin, MO, come by and let our designers help you make the best decision for your home.