Decorating your home’s interior is a fun and fulfilling activity, and the final result can bring you happiness and pride for years to come. In order to create the perfect look, no detail is too small to be overlooked. Finding the right window treatment to match your home’s unique decor style can make or break a room’s look, but it can be tricky or even overwhelming looking for the perfect match. That’s where JDC comes in!

Luckily, JDC offers custom shades, shutters, and blinds to match all types of home decor. Whether you maintain your favorite style across your entire home, or you chose to mix things up with a different style in every room, we’ve got you covered. And just in case you’re not a professional interior designer yet, we’ve included the best window treatment for each of the popular styles, making it easy for you to choose what you like.


The traditional style is a thing of refined, luxe beauty. It is known for pairing beautiful antiques with classic patterns and plush textures for a formal yet timeless feel. With a focus on rich details, the best types of window treatments for a house featuring traditional decor would include roman shades in neutral patterns or colors or faux wood plantation shutters for an elegant touch.


The elegant beaches of the Hamptons are the inspiration for coastal style, marrying timeless simplicity with a casual yet refined feel. Whites, blues, and woods are the rule, bringing a little of the beach inside your house. With this style, anything that lets in lots of natural light wins. Opt for beautiful white faux wood plantation shutters or bamboo shades for some natural texture.


Contemporary style is ahead of the curve, with clean lines and often – literally – black and white design highlighted by lots of natural light. Simple designs – especially on walls and windows – let furniture and decor do the talking in contemporary designed homes. Opt for white vertical blinds to add more lines to your home’s visual look, or go for black or white roller shades for a clean look that won’t steal the show.


Lovers of the transitional style are passionate about having the best of both worlds – traditional and contemporary. Homes featuring this style appreciate a classic and refined look as much as they insist upon comfort and aesthetic beauty. The style tends to avoid ornate and eclectic patterns and textures, and you can continue this tone within your own home by choosing neutral tones of roman shades or roller shades.


Where some people find comfort in ornate furniture and bold colors, minimalism takes refuge in clean lines and simple window treatments. For minimalism fans, beauty is easy to find in a simple style. White or black roller shades are ideal for minimalists, as are solar or cellular shades.

Mid-Century Modern

Defined as the mid-1940s to 1970, mid-century modern is an iconic style that emphasizes clean lines and bold shapes – often highlighted in the home’s architecture itself. The style balks against ornamented and cluttered styles, so think simple or clean graphic patterns and shapes. White or patterned roller shades offer a clean look, or you can opt for wooden blinds for a comfortable feel and a pop of color. Simplicity in form, function, and color is key here.


The bold, utilitarian, and often stripped-down designs of industrial lofts are great for true individuals and those who need open space and high ceilings. It’s critical to keep things simple and raw here, and not take anything away from the space itself. Industrial lofts often have large windows known for being drafty, so consider cellular shades to help maintain your home’s temperature, or aluminum mini blinds to maintain the metallic motif.


Fans of the rustic style have a love of the outdoors and try to keep that spirit within their home with open yet cozy spaces and natural materials. Wooden blinds and bamboo shades bring that natural feel into your home, while roman shades can bring a nice fabric touch to a home with lots of stone and wood already in it.

Whatever your decor style is, JDC has beautiful and high-quality shades, shutters, and blind options to match. We make it easy to choose the style and color that best suits your home’s decor and your personal style.


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