The verdict is in: Cozy fabrics, warm, earthy tones, vintage pieces, and fall rugs are taking over the fall design scene. At the start of 2020, many were forced to reconfigure our homes into multi-functional spaces that could accommodate the needs of working parents and home-schooled children. However, the novelty of ‘work from home’ has worn off, and we’ve all had a year and a half to adjust to the new normal (oh, what we would give to never use that phrase again). As a result, the trends we’re seeing for fall 2021 reflect more permanent changes we’ve made to our homes as a reaction to the pandemic. The central theme? Comfort, convenience, and color. Here, find some of our favorite fall trends that we predict will be huge for the upcoming season.

Warm, earthy neutrals

We think anything with a more earthy and neutral tone is perfect to set the stage for fall. Back in September 2020, Behr predicted that Muted Terracotta would be huge this year (and saying they were right would be a vast understatement). It seems as if the terracotta trend has burgeoned into an entire fall color scheme, composed of warm, earthy tones that basically personify the image of curling up to the fire. Sandstone is great for adding a more warm and cozy feel to the home but is also great all year round. A radiant autumn orange or Amberglow also creates warmth and blends well with other neutral tones like gray and sand tones.

Vintage decor

Between the cottage come and eclectic modern design trends, this one should come as no surprise: vintage, bespoke and personalized homewares are all the rage for fall 2021. We think the pandemic prompted a need to make our spaces not only more functional but more personal. In times of uncertainty and chaos, we like to find comfort in the things we know.

For some, that means breaking out their grandmother’s set of colored glassware from the ‘40s. For others, dusting off old picture frames, candlesticks, vases or even pieces of furniture can bring a sense of security from the past. Plus, we’ve all picked up a hobby or two during lockdown (birdwatchers and rage gardeners, we’re looking at you), and we want our homes to reflect our unique, post-pandemic interests. Antique furnishings mixed with more contemporary pieces and a little whimsy go a long way to keep the look from getting too referential.

Cozy fabrics and natural textures

There’s one trend that every designer seems to agree on (and we’re not mad about it): ultra-soft fabrics and natural textures. We see clients being drawn more to a relaxed feel in their home- something sophisticated and chic but still cozy. There’s a big focus on texture, Sherpa and other furry fabrics bring warmth without the need for color. This makes decorating super simple, as you can add it to your existing decor for a quick, cozy change. To get that ‘cozy at home’ feel, consider adding accent pieces like woven poufs, or wool blankets to your couch to cozy up with on those cooler days. 

Also, creating a special nook somewhere in your home can bring you the joy you never thought of! For example, making a window seat warmer and inviting with sweater pillows or a flannel throw can set the tone for fall and give you the perfect place to cozy up with a good book!

Layered bedrooms

While bedrooms and bed linens should always be synonymous with the terms “cozy” and “comfortable,” we’re seeing the snuggle levels cranked up even higher for fall. We are looking to bring layers of comfort throughout the entire bedroom this season—and it doesn’t stop with sheets. Think linen, rattan, an authentic Moroccan shag with warm touches of color brought in by accessories and throws. This trend can go light or dark, depending on the mood of the space and home. When it comes to styling this look, try layering curtains and shades, if you have a highly patterned rug that’s a bit too small, add a larger seagrass or neutral under it for instant layering, and adding architectural details, like paneling. For extra punch, add wallpaper above a chair rail.

Bringing the outdoors in

Last but not least, it’s the trend that ties everything together: bringing the outdoors in. Covid taught us a lot about how much better life is when we take the time to sit outside…Even though we can move around more freely, we think the indoor-outdoor connection is here to stay. However, the term doesn’t quite mean you have to turn your home into a greenhouse. Bringing nature in doesn’t have to be so literal, it can mean switching to natural fibers in furnishings (rattan, cane, wicker, wood), fabrics (wool, linen, cotton), and maximizing natural light.

Fall is all about rugs

Furthermore, in addition to bringing in natural fibers, fall colors are so fun when done in a rug! We can help you turn your inspiration into reality with our vast selection of richly textured and patterned area rugs. Jaunty, Jaipur, Company C, and Masland are top-quality lines offering a wide variety of designs from contemporary to traditional to create your own in price ranges to fit any budget. A beautiful rug can warm up any space, and truly finish it by helping to anchor the furniture to the room.

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