Have you ever thought of hiring an interior designer to help in decorating your home? While one might consider decorating and designing their home on their own, the amount of work involved and the sheer number of choices and options can make this a daunting task, especially if you’re not particularly style conscious in the first place. Interior design is no easy task – and it’s certainly not for everyone. If you could use a little help, it may be worth the investment to partner with a professional.

So what exactly does an interior designer do? Well to put it simply, an interior designer decorates your home and makes efficient use of the space that’s provided. Interior decorators only decorate. They’ll add artwork, furniture and accents to make your home “you”, but they don’t have much concern with the use of function of the space in the home. Designers often decorate, but a decorator will almost never design.

Consulting with a Designer

When consulting with a designer, it can be helpful to discuss your style, likes and dislikes, budget constraints and any time tables that may be in play.

Tell them about the occupants of the home and how each room is used along with the amount that it is used. If necessary, make a blueprint of each room and use it to chart what will be done throughout the design and decorating process.

Choose styles and colors that you are fond of, but be open to suggestions along the way. Interior design is a process and some give and take are to be expected.

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