We see it all the time on our favorite HGTV shows. An otherwise happy couple bickers over design elements of their homes and can’t seem to agree on anything. One may like traditional designs and the other might like contemporary.

Learning how to decorate as a couple, especially when you have different styles, can be a source of tension for many people, but don’t get caught up in the labels. Just because you love the midcentury modern home down the block and he just wants to feel like he’s living in the rustic countryside, coming up with an interior design style that is unique to just the two of you can create some striking and beautiful results.

Here’s how to do it:

Start by making a Pinterest board. Let modern technology help you out! Create a Pinterest board to include images that reflect your style, and also some that your partner might like too. Try to pin several images of the variety of different rooms in your house, as well as their elements. Even things like a window treatment, wallpaper, or carpet that you find on Pinterest could become both of your favorite new pieces.

If your partner is up for it, ask them to create a separate Pinterest board with pins they like to help give you a better idea of what exactly they find important in an interior design.

Sit down and have an honest conversation about your board(s) together. Ask what the other likes about each pin and what you don’t. This is a helpful step in discovering things the other can tolerate, and what they can’t stand.

Simplify and relate. Believe it or not, two opposing design forcing can live together quite peacefully with a bit of give-and- take.

The success of a room will depend on editing and compromise. Tone down an ornate, curvy piece of traditional furniture by painting it a solid, neutral color.

Blend. Blend the styles of your room to create a nice harmony.

Simplify powerful shapes with a unified color, or perhaps allow a pop of color from a piece of art you love to hang behind the clean lines of a chair they just had to have.

Pick and choose. Like everything else in life, it is important to pick your battles. Pick and choose the pieces you couldn’t live without and get let go of the rest. Pick a few items, let your partner do the same, and then stop there. The resulting design will allow your favorite possessions to shine through while pleasing the minimalist.

Be patient. At the end of the day, learning to live with a throw pillow that you find to be horrifying is much easier than learning to live without someone you love deeply.

Be patient and open-minded about finding compromise, and don’t be afraid to mix your different styles if it allows you to incorporate your favorite design elements.

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