Window treatments are a big thing to consider when designing a space. There are tons of options to choose from that have different purposes and functions.

Blinds or drapes? Café curtains or shades? Your biggest priority in choosing window treatments should be deciding whether you need privacy or light — or both! The professional tips from our Joplin interior decorators can help you make the right decision.

First things first: do you need to select the same window coverings throughout your home? The answer is no! Each space has different functions, and therefore different needs when it comes to privacy, light, and aesthetic. We always consider our client’s needs in each room individually when selecting window treatments, so don’t feel like what you select in your living room has to apply to your dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. However, as with other design aspects, you DO want to make sure the rooms flow together (ie: it’s best to not select cheap blinds in one room and high-end custom drapery panels in the next). Select options that, even though they are different, feel like a good fit when traveling from room to room.

Blinds vs. Shades

While technically “blinds” are any slatted window-coverage option and “shades” are made of fabric, there’s a lot of overlap in terminology.

Both options offer a minimal look and feel (they cover the window opening only) but plenty of coverage, allowing you to adjust for light and privacy with the tug of a cord. 

When selecting a set of blinds or shades, the first step is to measure the width of your window: either the distance inside the frame (if that is how you want them hung) or the distance from one outside edge of the trim to the other (so they cover this woodwork when unfurled).

What About Curtains?

Curtains, or drapes, offer a more formal and traditional look to your window treatments, as well as a greater opportunity to personalize your windows through a variety of textures, patterns, and materials.

Find a Texture You Love

If you decide to go with curtains, consider the mood of the room. For a formal space, perhaps you’d like to use a heavy silk or velvet. For a casual feel, there are breezy linens, cotton, and cotton blends that add a billowy, neat feel to the room.

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