The bedroom is one of our favorite rooms to renovate and restyle. Different elements of our personalities come through in this space – it’s where we sleep, relax, meditate and read. And now that many jobs have become home-based, we may even work in the bedroom – but on the whole, we want it to feel relaxed, tranquil, and calm.

Assess Your Space

One of the first things to think about is the size and height of your room. If you have a high ceiling, why not think about making a feature of it? Feature ceilings are a trend right now and work well in spacious rooms. As long as you choose a paler color than your walls, it won’t feel as though it’s closing in on you and it will be a real design feature!

Consider Your Light Source

Identify where the natural light is coming from, if you’re lucky you might have more than one large window. Or maybe you’re in a basement flat so all your windows are positioned high on the wall and you have to make the most of the light from above. If you have an abundance of natural light then you have the luxury of being able to choose any colors that appeal to you. If the light is limited, we would suggest sticking to a paler palette to prevent the space from feeling spooky.

Think About Storage

Storage is one of our favorite elements of a bedroom re-style. Floor-to-ceiling storage with nice doors and handles will help make your room feel sophisticated and also provide you with space for clothes and not-so-attractive things you want to hide away! With less clutter on show, your bedroom will feel bigger and calmer.

Size Up Your Bed

Buy the largest bed you can afford while being sure it will comfortably fit into your room and allow you to walk around it. Remember though, upsizing your bed means investing in a new mattress and new bedding, which will add to the cost.

Window Treatments

Blinds and curtains are a good investment in a bedroom and there are practicalities to consider. If you have a baby or live on a major road you may want blackout blinds. Or perhaps you need natural light to wake up in the morning, in which case thinner curtains allow the light to gently filter in. If your windows are old and drafty, layering curtains over blinds will help keep the warmth in, while using a colored or patterned fabric for linings will mean they’ll also look great from the outside.

Style With Bedlinen

This is one of the most exciting parts of designing your bedroom and is worth taking your time over. You’ll probably end up using your duvet cover for years, so think carefully about the bedlinen you prefer. Do you lean towards plain white and neutrals, or do you love patterned designs and colors? Start with a mood board of all your favorite fabrics and patterns and see where your creativity takes you!

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