There are so many different things to consider when choosing carpet for your home such as style, looks, colors, and patterns. Do you want a shag or plush, or low pile shag carpet? These are all important things to consider.

Choosing Carpet Color

Color is often the hardest decision for our customers to make. Picking a color from just a small swatch can be difficult. A color can have a dramatic effect for your room. When you are selecting for main rooms of your house, choose a carpet color that meshes well with your furniture and wall color.

Matching your new carpet color to go with your home can be made easier with neutral colors. Current trends favor neutral colors in earthy hues, including warm greys and beige. You can make sure your floors are exciting by adding texture in your carpet like cut and loop styles.

Another great way to choose an exciting, unique color into your carpet is to choose a carpet with flecks of color- known as Berber flecks.

Choosing Carpet Type

There are many different carpet types and heights to choose from. Pile heights include longer plushes and short velvet piles. The deeper the pile, the more luxurious the feel, but shorter piles tend to be easier to care for.

Shag has pile so long that it doesn’t stand upright. Silk carpets are soft and luxurious, but these have a higher price tag because fiber is blended with wool. Plush carpet is cut to a level height and is a very comfortable choice.

Friese is a cut of carpet with twisted yarns. Vacuum marks easily show, but can look great in an informal room.

Choose A Carpet That Fits Your Lifestyle

Choosing a carpet that fits your lifestyle is a huge component of making this decision. If you live in a busy household with kids and pets, a white carpet may not be an appropriate choice, as it can show soiling more easily than other colors.

Your carpet color can alter the entire feel of a room, so be sure to select your color carefully. Think about how trends will change over the years, and be sure to pick a color that you will enjoy for many years.

Once you’ve narrowed down the color choice, start looking at samples of our Shaw and Mohawk swatches for your home.