By now, our Pinterest feeds are overflowing with garland-clad mantels, we’ve lit our fireplace-scented candles, and our mugs are steaming with hot cocoa. It’s official: The holidays have arrived. All that’s left to do is put the final touches on our home, like nailing down a festive tabletop scheme and double-checking the lights on the tree. But if you haven’t gotten around to the whole decorating thing yet, don’t panic. We turned to 11 of our favorite designers and industry creatives for their go-to tips. From making a nonworking fireplace feel festive to adding cozy touches to your bedroom, each of these ideas is easy to pull off in a flash.

Hang an Asymmetrical Wreath

Rather than going all in for the holidays, try simply replacing the art above your fireplace mantel or another feature area of your home with an oversize wreath. You can easily cut sprigs of eucalyptus, cedar, pampas grass, or spruce and wrap them around a large embroidery hoop using wire all of these should be easy to find at your local craft store. Evergreen looks the same even when it’s dry, so your wreath will last throughout the entire season.

Put the Tree on a Table

Instead of lugging a full-size tree home, Why not try picking up a couple of smaller trees and use them as table centerpieces. You can add some small decorations and even add some little scent diffusers made for trees to add some Christmas cheer to your kitchen table.

Simplify Your Ornament Collection

If you’re low on time or creativity try sticking simple winter whites. Not only does picking one color look incredibly elegant, but neutral pieces will also seamlessly blend in with your existing decor. You can even add a few iridescent or silver-tinged pieces for a festive touch.

Forage for Branches

Save the fancy poinsettias for another day. The next time you decide to go for a long walk in the brisk air, pick up a few sticks to use in your decor. It’s a wonderful way to create a unique and rustic arrangement, just bundle them up and add some burlap rather than taking an expensive trip to the flower market. Bonus points for in-season stems with berries.

Make Your Table Setting Exciting & Unique

Take a fresh approach to your dining room with a bright color scheme or something non traditional for your holiday dinner. You can ever go for a rustic feel which can bring some coziness to the table. You can also play around with different types of tableware to fit the theme. Antique tableware can always be a unique touch!

Stock Up on Candles

Set the firewood aside and fill your fireplace with a medley of candles, short and tall. This adds a very different feel to the room and can be so nice and cozy. You can also add vases and branches around the candles to create a gorgeous display.

Check Out Local Antique Shops

Check out your local Antique shops for interesting and unique decor items! You might be surprised on what cool things you might find. You might even find a centerpiece that sets the tone for your whole theme.

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